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May 2020: Former research assistant Kriss-Ann Gayle to begin doctoral work

We are excited to announce that former PCD Lab research assistant Kriss-Ann Gayle will be starting work on her PhD this fall! She will join Dr. Nicholaus Noles at the University of Louisville to study child cognitive development. Way to go, Kriss-Ann!

May 2020: Kayla Brown and Catherine Hamby awarded T32 fellowships from Child Maltreatment Solutions Network

Graduate students Kayla Brown and Catherine Hamby were admitted to the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network's Creating the Next Generation of Scholars in Child Maltreatment Science Fellowship Program (CMT32). With funding from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, the CMT32 predoctoral fellowship prepares fellows to conduct cutting-edge, transdisciplinary research in child maltreatment science. Read more about the CMT32 program here.

April 2020: Paper published in Developmental Psychology

Check out our latest paper in Developmental Psychology! We found that parent-child coregulation patterns can be adaptive or maladaptive for children's self-regulation development depending on the affective and behavioral content of the interaction.

February 2020: Paper published in Developmental Psychology

Check out our new paper in Developmental Psychology! We found that mothers' and fathers' emotion-related socialization behaviors contributed to less aggressive child behavior through the effects of higher dyadic synchrony of positive emotion.

November 2019: New undergraduate research assistants Florence Kyomuhendo and Shelby Sellars

Please join us in welcoming our two newest undergraduate research assistants, Florence and Shelby! The two are both juniors majoring in Psychology. They will be joining the PRISM audio data processing team. Read more about their research interests here

October 2019: Society for Psychophysiological Research features Dr. Lunkenheimer

PCD Lab director Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer is interviewed for SPR's Researcher Spotlight series! Read the full article here

September 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Skoranski

Congratulations to the new Dr. Amanda Skoranski, who successfully defended her doctoral dissertation yesterday! Come January, Mandy will be working as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Oregon!

July 2019: Kayla Brown accepts graduate assistantship in University Fellowships Office

Graduate student Kayla Brown has accepted an assistantship in the University Fellowships Office for 2019-2020! In this role, Kayla will present on research and fellowship opportunities and help students develop competitive application materials. Way to go, Kayla!

July 2019: New undergraduate research assistant Tamia Henry

Please join us in welcoming our new undergraduate research assistant, Tamia Henry, who will start lab work this fall! Tamia is interested in personality development, psychotherapy, and family dynamics. She intends on going to graduate school to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In joining the lab, she hopes to get a better understanding of parent-child interactions through a research perspective and learn new concepts throughout the process.

July 2019: Lab work published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies

Lab work published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies! This article takes a new approach for understanding how the internal practice of mindfulness translates to behavior in the social world. Derived from Dynamic Systems Theory, the authors present ideas for examining how mindfulness organizes and is organized by interpersonal relationships.

June 2019: Lab work published in Children and Youth Services Review

Check out our work published in Children and Youth Services Review this week! With the help of colleagues from the University of Oregon, we describe how strengths-based video feedback interventions have the potential to promote positive parent-child interactions in parents with intellectual disability, a population at risk for neglectful parenting.

June 2019: Mandy Skoranski to begin post-doctoral position at the UO Center for Translational Neuroscience

Exciting news! Starting January 2020, graduate student Mandy Skoranski will start a position as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Oregon's Center for Translational Neuroscience. She will be working with Drs. Elizabeth Skowron and Philip Fisher to investigate the effects of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy on parents' self control and implications for preventing child abuse.

June 2019: Catherine Hamby receives training from Penn State's Clinical and Translational Science Institute

This week, PCD Lab graduate student Catherine Hamby begins a 10-day summer training course provided by Penn State's Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The program brings together graduate and medical students from University Park and Hershey campuses to discuss topics related to research design, ethics, and professional communication. Program funding is provided by a TL1 Training Program grant from the National Institutes of Health. Read more about the Translational Science Fellowship Program here

May 2019: New undergraduate research assistant Shreyas Sundar

We are excited to welcome a new undergraduate research assistant to our team this summer! Shreyas Sundar is a Penn State sophomore majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. Shreyas is interested in character development and how a sense of morality, empathy, and resilience is instilled in individuals. In the PCD Lab, he will work on the parent-child interaction coding team for the PaRenting in Stressful Moments (PRISM) Project. In his free time, Shreyas likes to play tennis, write, and go on long walks. Welcome to the lab, Shreyas! 

February 2019: Lab work featured on Penn State News

Check out our latest feature on Penn State NewsBiological Responses to Conflict Differ in Maltreated Children. You can also read the associated publication in Child Maltreatment (Lunkenheimer, Busuito, Brown, Panlilio, & Skowron, 2019). 

February 2019: Catherine Hamby receives SRCD travel award

PCD Lab graduate student Catherine Hamby is the recipient of a Graduate Student Travel Award from the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). Catherine and fellow lab mates will present at the SRCD biennial meeting in Baltimore this March. Learn more about Catherine's research interests here.

January 2019: Penn State News features PCD Lab research

An article describing our work investigating child task persistence profiles and later attention problems was published on Penn State News today! Read the corresponding publication in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Lunkenheimer, Panlilio, Lobo, Olson, & Hamby, 2019). 

January 2019: Lab work published in Child Maltreatment

Check out or latest paper published in Child Maltreatment this month! This article shows that when mothers repair more negative moments in mother-child interaction, it is protective for children's stress physiology, regardless of maltreatment status.  However, when mothers perform fewer of these repairs, non-maltreated children show the expected physiological arousal indicating a response to challenge, whereas maltreated children show physiological patterns that indicates disengagement.

January 2019: Lab work published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

This just in! Check out our latest publication in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. We used group-based trajectory modeling to examine how child task persistence profiles with mothers and fathers in preschool relate to teacher-rated attention problems in kindergarten.

January 2019: Frances Lobo presents Master's thesis work

Graduate student Frances Lobo presented her thesis research to Penn State Developmental Psychology students and faculty this month. Her work examines dyadic antecedents of child self-regulation - learn more here. Nice job, Frances!francesthesispres

December 2018: Congressional briefing from CMSN faculty

Drs. Jennie Noll and Sarah Font from Penn State's Child Maltreatment Solutions Network will brief congress on research about preventing child abuse and neglect next week. Click here to watch the Facebook Live stream.

October 2018: SPR's Researcher Spotlight features Dr. Lunkenheimer

PCD Lab director Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer is featured in SPR's Researcher Spotlight this month! Click here to learn more about how Dr. Lunkenheimer's academic background continues to shape her unique research program.

October 2018: Student presentation at SPR

Graduate student Mandy Skoranski visited Quebec City last week to present at the annual meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research! Learn more about Mandy's research here.


August 2018: Welcome new research assistants!

Welcome to our two new research assistants, Macy and Rae! Macy, a recent Penn State graduate, is getting familiar with the Dyadic Interaction Coding system in preparation to code parent-child interaction tasks from the PYCP. Rae, a junior at Penn State, is training to process accompanying physiological data. We are so excited to have them join our team! 

June 2018: Welcome, Jack!

We are excited to welcome Jack Yan to the PCD Lab team! Jack received his undergraduate degree from Beijing Normal University, where he has been working in Dr. Rachel Han's lab studying children's social-emotional development and parent-child interactions. In the PCD Lab, he will be coding parent-child interaction data for the Parenting Young Children Project. Welcome, Jack! 

May 2018: Find us on Facebook!

The PCD Lab is now on Facebook! Follow us for updates on lab happenings, relevant research, resources for parents, lab members' accomplishments, and more. 

April 2018: Student receives Strumpf Scholar Award!

Alex Busuito (graduate student) was awarded the Strumpf Scholar Award, which recognizes student researchers who demonstrate innovation and promise in the field of child psychology. Congratulations! Learn more about Alex's interests here

April 2018: Student receives NSF GRFP!

Kathleen Wendt, a PCD Lab undergraduate research assistant at Colorado State University, was awarded the Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation! Congratulations, Kathleen! 

April 2018: Welcome new research assistants!

Our hard-working undergraduate research assistants are a critical part of data collection and processing. This semester, three new students joined our team! We are excited to welcome Kayla Keech, Hannah Patton, and Jeremy Olbum! 

March 2018: Student receives Doris Duke fellowship!

Alex Busuito (graduate student) received the Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-Being! This prestigious award recognizes and supports new leaders in child development and maltreatment research. Way to go, Alex! Learn more about Alex's interests here