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Amanda Skoranski, M.S.

Amanda Skoranski M.S.

Mandy Skoranski is a sixth-year doctoral student in the Developmental Psychology program at Penn State working with Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer. She earned her M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Colorado State University and joined Penn State's program in 2017. Mandy is passionate about improving the lives of youth and families. Her research interests involve investigating how parent-child biobehavioral dynamics measured over small time scales (i.e. second-to-second) relate to and predict differences in longer-term developmental outcomes for children. She is particularly interested in how parents’ internal qualities (e.g. mental health, stress reactivity, mindfulness) shape moment-to-moment physiological and behavioral patterns during parent-child interactions, and in turn influence children’s socioemotional development. Mandy’s hobbies include hiking, yoga, weight lifting, running, and spending time with her two German Shepherds, Sedona and Marisol.